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APP Developer


They were wanting to test programming skills in central Europe to work with programmers already established in the Philippines.

We advertised, interviewed, recruited and set up “working from home” in Kosovo, all during the coronavirus pandemic.
Our client is an app developer with blue-chip customers. They have programmers in various locations around the world and wanted to explore staffing in our office in Pristina, Kosovo.


They supplied a job description and we advertised, resulting in around 100 CVs to choose from in the first week.

Two interviews were carried out over video conference and the new member of staff started within three weeks of their initial inquiry.


With the Coronavirus lockdown just implemented, working from home was the only option from day one.


Our client is very happy with their new programmer and compared to employing a programmer in a Western European country, there is a significant cost saving, with our costs similar to the Philippines.

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