Significant Cost Savings, Managed HR, dedicated workforce and employment flexibility


We will source people that match your requirements


Interviews arranged at your convenience

The staff we recruit are employed by GSI Outsourcing, but they work directly for you. Invoicing is simple – you receive just one invoice per month that covers all your staff salaries and contracted fixed fees.

We take care of all the local employment regulations and our inclusive charges are easy to budget.

Remember that we would not be adding 13.8% employer’s national insurance, or 3% pension contribution, which employers must pay in the UK – another important saving to consider.


Key Features


Let us know your staff requirements and we will handle the entire recruitment process.


We can review all the applicants and provide a shortlist of potential candidates and where required we can also conduct the interviews on your behalf with experienced HR staff and managers.


We can also arrange to send candidates to you for an interview and can organise all travel and visa arrangements. Online interviews can also be carried out in our offices.

Cost savings

There are huge recruitment cost savings to be made compared to using traditional employment methods.

IT Solutions

You can hire people for a specific project, for one month, twelve months or whatever period you require with no long term commitment. When we advertise for staff in any one of the areas above, we receive in excess of 50 applications within the first few days and we already have a substantive database of potential candidates available.

  • Programming – all levels

  • Networks

  • Web development – back-end / front-end / full stack

  • Cryptology, forensics and data recovery

  • Technical support

Finance and Accounting

Our management team has a strong background in this sector so we can bring experience and knowledge to the recruitment process.

  • Accounts receivable/payable, credit control
  • Data entry – large or small
  • Payroll processing, CIS returns, HR and VAT returns
  • Bank, supplier and customer reconciliations
  • Management accounts preparation


This is a sector where significant cost savings can be achieved compared to UK salaries. We can recruit specifically but we can also provide access to our database of available staff.

  • AutoCAD, BIM, Schucal, ReynaPro

  • Qualified architects

  • Graphic Designers

  • Architectural Technicians

  • Civil engineering

Administrative Business Support

Whatever administrative support your business needs, GSI can help you save money and perform better.

Employing an administrator, secretary, or PA in your office full or part-time is costly and the person you employ may not be skilled in all areas that you need them to be. We can provide you with intelligent, experienced, and skilled personnel that can cover all your needs at a fraction of the cost.

  • MS Office skills, document layout and drafting

  • Document management, indexing and workflows

  • Logistics and shipping

  • Receptionist and PA support

  • Web analytics, telesales, marketing and research

Some of the areas that we can provide staff for are:
  • Database entry – let one of our administrative team enter all your contacts, business cards into your CRM. Research and create databases of target customers, suppliers – locally, nationally, and internationally. Let GSI save you time and money by creating and updating your databases.

  • Diary management – if you feel like you are running around like a headless chicken then you need one of our experienced administrative team to take over your diary and help you manage your activities. Outsourcing your diary management service to GSI can have huge benefits for your company. Especially when it comes to improving both time management skills and freeing up valuable in-house staff working hours.

  • Email management – where you a self-employed individual or a small or medium-sized company, emails play a large part in business life. The problem is that email management is time-consuming and distracting. Management and employees spend a great deal of time opening, reading

  • Online research – why waste your valuable time spending hours or days or even weeks of online researching? One of our experienced researchers can quickly identify the right websites to be researching and extracting the right information. Because they spend every day doing this type of research their knowledge is current and constantly being updated on where to look. It does not matter if the websites are in a different language – we have our own translation company to assist us.

  • Social Media – there is no doubt that in today’s modern business environment social media marketing and promotion are key to a business’s success. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook it takes a lot of valuable time regularly to provide content and uploading it, and monitoring the results. If one of our administrative team does this for you then you can spend more time driving the business forward.

  • Telephone answering – missing a call can damage your business, if someone is wanting to place an order and there is a reply, they go elsewhere, and the business is lost. Never miss another call if one of our administrative teams is answering your call, simply divert your business or mobile number to us and the call will be answered in your business name, and details will be taken and forwarded to you by email or sms. We can even email your company brochure or marketing materials to contacts that call. The service can be tailored to your individual business requirements at a much lower cost than employing a receptionist in your office.

  • Website – It is often forgotten that websites are organic business tools. You can no longer publish your website and sit back; those days are long gone! To ensure that your website is current keeps driving traffic towards it and is noticed by the major search engines it needs to be fed with new content, news, images, and regular updating of keywords. GSI can do all this remotely for you at a much lower cost than employing someone in your office. If you do not have a website yet GSI can build you a single or multi-language modern website and maintain it for you if required.

Remember that we would not be adding 13.8% employer’s national insurance, or 3% pension contribution, which employers must pay in the UK – another important saving to consider.

“Why should people have to run away from their home country to succeed, depriving their own country of social and economic development?”

Andrew Stuart – GSI