To understand more about why and how companies from Europe prefer outsourcing in Kosovo, let’s look at what makes it so attractive.

For some years now, Kosovo has continued to develop and grow as an exciting and interesting business hub. Kosovo’s youthful workforce has evolved into a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment largely due to an extensive international presence (KFOR, EULEX, Consultants) and more recently due to international companies coming and developing business there.

Kosovo is the youngest country in Europe having declared independence in 2008 and is characterised by its energy and enthusiasm to build a sustainable future for all its citizens.

Young workforce

Kosovo has a population of approximately 1.8 million people. With more than 50% of the population being under 25 years of age, it has the youngest population in Europe. More than 2/3 of the population are eligible to work which makes this country a go-to place for business.

Highly educated workforce

Almost every adult in Kosovo holds one, if not two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree. With influences and assistance from international organisations there, Kosovars have a high education-oriented mindset, always wanting to learn more. Kosovars participate in many vocational training programs learning and developing skills in IT, Social Media Marketing, Accountancy, Architecture, Graphic Design and much more. This is something that in other countries is often very expensive, so by outsourcing in Kosovo your company saves money by not having to pay for the training they already have.

High standard of English language skills

The presence of different international organisations after the Kosovo War (1998-99), the business development of many foreign companies, movies and songs has helped Kosovars become highly proficient in English. In addition, a large percentage of people in Kosovo are multi-lingual, speaking German, French, or Italian besides their native Albanian. You will find not only people who understand you, but people with excellent business English and, a great sense of humour.

Low labour costs

Kosovo has significantly lower labour costs. This because this young state is still a developing economy. Besides the significant savings you will make on the lower salaries, you do not have to worry about national insurance fees. The low labour costs by no means have an impact on the quality of work as employees in Kosovo are very hardworking, enthusiastic, and highly qualified.

Adaptive culture

In Kosovo, unity and collaboration are one of the highest collective values. This makes them collectively commit to the spirit of the company they work for. It comes naturally to them to adapt to any culture they have the chance to work with. The modesty, gratitude and dedication are embedded deep in their roots, and this makes them the some of the best team members out there.

Strategic location

Kosovo is situated in the heart of Southeast Europe, much closer than you think (just over 3 hours flight from London). The time zone in Kosovo is +1 GMT which makes working with people from Kosovo easy and feasible. Besides, if you ever visit, magnificent views, friendly people and great macchiato await you!

Want to know more?

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