About Us

GSI Outsourcing is a British owned and managed outsourcing service provider offers staffing and managed outsourcing solutions in the heart of Europe.

As a British owned and managed company, we share the same professional ethics, standards, working hours and mentality, as you do, and this makes communication and collaboration so much easier. We currently have three offices in Kosovo and North Macedonia and have been established in the Balkans since 2009.


Kosovo (Prishtinë)

We also have resources in Tirana, Albania, further extending our sources of qualified and experienced personnel.


Macedonia (Skopje)

Both offices have access to people with a wide range of skills and we can recruit for most activities.
- Connectivity -

We strive to provide the highest staff quality, processes, service quality and HR systems, as well as providing high quality office space, fibre optic connections and quality equipment.

- Flexibility -

Our approach is flexible and emphatic to the needs of our clients. We can tailor our services to your specific requirements and arrange staff at all expertise levels, from basic administration to senior level management.

- GSI Network -

Through our GSI network we draw upon much expertise including translation services, international financial advice, and many other business support services.



Andrew Stuart Chief Advisor

Dennis Capstick CTO

Helen McIntyre Finance

Anthony Stuart Finance

James Tweedie Associate / Construction Procurement Specialist

Radu Irimie Chief Legal Advisor

Muharrem Smakiqi Web Developer

Edona Idrizaj Business Development Executive

Gentiana Ibra Communications and Marketing Executive

Boris Jankoski Logistics and Security