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Staff Required




Staff required

The first step is to identify your staff requirements. This can all be done by email but a telephone call with one of our managers usually ensures we both have a good understanding of what you need.

Click on please call me and we will give you a ring, or you can call us directly on 020 3151 6848.

We can start email communication if you click email GSI and provide us your email address. If we contact you, it helps to keep our site and IT infrastructure secure.

The information we will need is:
  • About your business – sector, size, the number of staff.

  • Whether you outsource or have external staffing arrangements already.

  • What type of staff you need, such as IT, programmers, accounts, administration or any other sector.

  • How many staff are required now and in the future, so a brief insight into your workforce planning? You can recruit for specific projects where the employment will be for a fixed period or long term but under local laws, contracts are usually no longer than 12 months when they are renewed or terminated.

  • Outline job descriptions so that we can focus on the recruitment process. We keep databases of available staff so we may be able to provide candidates quickly.

We will ask you to review and agree to our terms and conditions before we start, which we will send you after our initial communication.


We will advertise for staff based on your requirements and also review our existing databases of available staff.

Each job advertisement we place usually attracts over 100 applicants within two weeks.

Our own HR staff will review the applications and eliminate any which are not a good match for your requirements. The rest will be shortlisted for your approval.

We can send you the list after accumulating a number of candidates. Our latest feature is that we can give you a secure login to our database with all your potential candidates listed and notifications sent to you as more are added.

You can then discuss candidates with our HR team and then let us know who you would like to shortlist for interview. You can tell us on the phone or by email or by marking candidates on the database.


Candidates attend our office for video conference interviews and you can interview direct or have one of our staff alongside on the call.

Our professional HR team can assist you with the interview process if you do not have a specialist HR staff of your own.

We will retain notes of all the interviews and prepare a list of candidates and their interview notes for you your review.

We can carry out the first interviews without your involvement if you would like us to shortlist down to a few candidates per vacancy.

Following the interviews, you can choose who you would like us to employ for you and they can start work.


Having selected the successful candidates, we will prepare contracts of employment in English (together with a translated version to comply with local laws). The contract will be sent to you for review and you can make any changes that are suitable or specific to your business.

We will also prepare a contract for our services to you. This contract can be agreed with by our UK company or you can contract directly with one of our companies in Kosovo or North Macedonia. The cost is the same but no VAT is charged from our local offices and payments can still be made in GBP.

After all the contracts are agreed we will issue the offer letters and your new staff can start work.

Where candidates already have a job, they will normally have a two week notice period so there may be a delay from issue of offer letter to commencement. We can speed up the process if we agree our contract with you and the employment contracts, earlier in the process.